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CompassioNet Impact is among several organizations sowing
hope in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta. Read how you, your
family and friends can help CompassioNet Impact sow seeds of hope.

Puerto Vallartas Hope
Kids, Colonias, Careers, Co-laborers

Four hundred miles northwest of Mexico City, Puerto
Vallarta is two communities in one — haves and have-nots.
Within minutes of PV’s Pacific
beach resorts and condos
impoverished colonias of kids and adults low on hope.

  Alongside other charities and churches, CompassioNet
delivers hope to both communities. To the haves,
new ways to share their time and talents. To the have-nots,
a chance to overcome generations of poverty.

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to kids, colonias, careers and co-laborers.

Hoping to end generations of poverty, CompassioNet Impact and its co-laborers sow hope to kids and their families.